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here you have the opportunity to build your  own instrument under the guid of the Master.

Success is guaranteed!

Price on demand


Complete check and cleaning of the instrument, string change (if required), conservative keyboard treatment, electronic check (if present), lubrication of the tuners or pegs.

50 euro up

New bone nut

Removal of the old nut and realization of the new bone nut, to guarantee a sound performance and a quality duration

50 euro up

New nut in synthetic material

Removal of the old nut and creation of a new nut in synthetic material, for those looking for an economical solution

25 euro up

Fret correction

Smoothing, filing, shaping and polishing of the frets

and hydration of the Fretboard

180 euro up


Removal of old Frets, possible fretboard repair, installation and adjustment of new frets, keyboard hydration.

250 euro up

Bowhair replacement

Removal of old hair, cleaning of the bow, assembly of new hair with possible replacement of the fixing blocks, general setting and lubrication of the frog

180 euro up

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