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Daniel Garulli is a luthier and musician,

his great passion for traditional craftmanship makes him search for ancient methods to work, which he combines with the modern knowledge and techniques of the luthier art to create a perfect structure, but even more an excellent sound for the instrument.

You can often notice that he wants to preserve the original colour and brightness of the wood, using natural treatments which he prepares at the moment. Shellacs and paints of resins, self-made in his workshop, are part of his “repertoire”.

His passion for history has made him concentrate on ancient instruments, trying to reconstruct them as faithful as possible. If there are none left in our days, he tries to reconstruct them following illustrations, descriptions, reliefs, …, and obviously searching for every little detail to offer a realistic result, with aesthetic value. What he likes the most is giving a good sound to these instruments.

Here you can find some of the Master Luthier' s works, offers, equipment and a catalogue of services.

Every personal request and desire of customization will be considered!

An ancient art



Of European origin, this instrument belongs to the classification of chordophones, in the family of long-handled lutes. It developed between the tenth and twelfth centuries, first from the Lute and later from the Citola. Its maximum use is found in Renaissance music. It is characterized by a pear-shaped case, double choir strings that can vary from four to six and the fixed frets are made of bone.

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